13 May 2008

Why not use Linux??

ubuntu In Egypt, starting your small business as an internet café is a good idea as it’s very profitable and easy to start. However it faces many risks that could get you out of the road and make you stop. It’s all because of the technology itself. Day by day there is something new and forces you to be up to date and eats your cash. Moreover, you may find it’s hard to get vista license per each pc which costs about L.E 500 (home basic) moreover Microsoft announced the upcoming windows codenamed “SEVEN”. The best way is to rely on free open source software such as Linux distro which will save you more and makes you stop worrying about the upcoming software technology and focus in hardware parts.

Unfortunately, many Internet café owners in Egypt know nothing about Linux and they thought the only software companies that offer operating systems is Microsoft and Mac. One day, I asked one of the owners to install a Linux distro and I showed him this also I told him it’s a free license. He replied me “FREE, it may be a shareware or for a limited period of time”. Definitely I was shocked. However I persuaded him how it’s important to use Linux>

So does Linux suit that business????

Sure, it does. There are many energy companies in Egypt such as Eni Group use Linux. This means it’s very stable and secure. But you may get confused when it comes to choose your distro. You may choose Ubuntu because it supports many drivers and it’s easy to install. Also see this.

Besides, software tools for maintenance which you use to have on windows like Deepe Freeze is available for Linux here and Zencafe as an alternative for EasyCafe which lack many security features , Zencafe available here. Practically Ubuntu needs no maintenance.

Does Ubuntu satisfy my clients’ needs?

Most of your client needs two things to browse internet, running games applications or use word processing software. Ubuntu includes Firefox internet browser, which supports the latest internet technologies. It supports “Moonlight” as well as “adobe flash”. So your clients won’t face any problems while browsing internet. Also Ubuntu includes OpenOffice which satisfy you and your clients needs and they can use it as a substitute of Microsoft office. To run win windows application or windows games you can use wine.

Just think of it. It will save you money and without much effort. And if you need help to deploy and install Ubuntu you may contact me : neo . max . geek --@gmail

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