12 April 2008

ADSL2+ Become Available in Egypt

Now most ISPs of Egypt can provide you or your company with ITU G.992.5 or ADSL2+ version of networking which allow you to download more data in less time. It's capable of doubling the size of the data download per second. As the data rates can be as high as 24 Mbit/s or more.

An important thing you should do before you register is to check if your router zyxel supports ADSL2+ or not. Most new routers support ADSL2+. I recommend for you to buy a Zyxel one. If you already have a LAN network and you just want to make an upgrade you can purchase Zyxel model (prestige 660R-61c). It's only one port and not wireless so it won't cost you a lot. The supported routers which available in Egypt are (3COM E75 / 3COM A75 / SpeedTouch 585 / Paradyne 6218-I2 / Paradyne 6218-A1)

Here is a comparison chart between the cost of the service in the two major ISP of Egypt TE DATA and LINKdotNET.

Limited Package


TD Data


256/64 Kbps

95 L.E

95 L.E

512/128 Kbps

150 L.E

160 L.E

1024/256 Kbps

250 L.E

250 L.E

2048/512 Kbps

400 L.E

400 L.E

4/1 Mbps

500 L.E


5/1 Mbps


555 L.E

8/1 Mbps

850 L.E

888 L.E

12/1 Mbps


999 L.E

16/1 Mbps

1500 L.E


24/1 Mbps

2250 L.E

1999 L.E

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