19 November 2009

Lavabit configuration

This is the configuration of Windows Live Mail for lavabit pop3 accounts

001 002 003 004

17 November 2009

Microsoft spoiled students of Ain Shams University

Windows 7

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." A wise man said. Microsoft Egypt launched a camp that will last to 17th of November (today) at faculty of engineering campus. They will give the students free versions of windows 7 which is sin number 1, according to FSF. That’s what I call it domination because they don’t teach our students Computer Science there, however they teach those Microsoft products only. I remember that one day I asked one of CS students what is meant by linking phase in C++ he answered “it’s something related to visual studio IDE” funny right (simply, linking is an important phase to finish the production of software). See how the students became after “Microsoft Domination” of the first two day:

001 002 003 004 

that one of the pirates who’s very happy after getting his own copy of windows legally.


My friends under Microsoft’s sky


I love Microsoft ooh I think I’m……….

13 November 2009

Microsoft Readies Free Ad-supported Office 2010

Microsoft will release a starter edition of Microsoft Office for free. The suite will include the most used programs Word and Excel. This edition will be reduced in functionality.

Microsoft Readies Free Ad-supported Office 2010 - InternetNews.com