26 March 2008

Keep Your Windows Safe Without Anti-Virus

Computer Virus

Do you really fed up with your anti-virus software. Does it annoy you because it eats a lot of computer’s RAM, making your computer runs slowly!! In my opinion, now most operating system is secured enough and there is no need for using anti-virus software products. However, a good understanding of how viruses get in your computer and using free simple monitoring tools is better. It will save you money and the time to scan your files.

A computer virus is a just a program. So let me ask you can you run a program without installing it?!! Sure you can’t. I know that nowadays there is portable software but it doesn’t make sense without clicking it. Now can you guess who is person who installed the virus in your computer or allow someone else to take control of your windows remotely?!! Unfortunately, it’s you and it’s your fault. How?!! There are several ways. To name a few

· While you surf the Internet you may find a cool advertising that offers you a program update your desktop background or your screen saver daily.

· You visit a website and you think it’s for broadcasting like YouTube and it tells you there is an error occurred you need to download ActiveX. To make sure that your computer is provided with all plug-ins go to Adobe then flash player and go to Silverlight download Silverlight.

· Using of non genuine copies of windows or cracked software products.

· Downloading programs from un-trusted sites.

· Using file sharing software like Limewire.

To keep your computer safe the following steps:

· Backup your important files.

· Backup your windows registry.

· Use a free firewall to monitor your ports like Zone Alarm.

· Instead of using pirated software you can use a free one under GNU license from SourceForge

· If things go wrong you can use system restore. So don’t forget to keep a clean restoration point.

· Use process explorer to monitor processes that run in background.

· You can use file-sharing software like Azureus instead of Limewire.

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