23 April 2009

Innovation Day - April 22, 2009

Innovation Day is a great event that was held by Microsoft Egypt yesterday at City Star Ballroom. Steve Ballmer was there and he talked about the competition between Free Open Source Software and Microsoft. He said that Microsoft help and support FOSS and CodePlex is a good example. After Steve Ballmer finished his speech “How Do I” session started. Remon Zakaria from dotnetwork user group gave speech about Oslo. Mohamed Samy from ITworx gave speech about Windows Azure Platform. Two Microsoft’s speakers Nohal Radi and Mohamed Nar were discussing how to develop in hybrid platforms. Finally Mohamed Fayez form Microsoft discussed Software-Plus-Services.

There were a lot of communities attended this event. Ain Shams University group were wearing a white colored t-shirts. Dotnetwork user group were wearing aqua colored t-shirts. Innovation Hut community were wearing the yellow t-shirts. Barmmegy community was wearing the red t-shirts. Cutting Edge were wearing the green one. Egyptian Sharepoint user group were wearing the grey t-shirts.





  1. I ran into your post by chance while searching for MS announcement about the day. Nice one, though I had a couple of notes to say:

    -Samy is not working for ITworx anymore, it's iSource now..

    -The white t-shirts were for MSPs from all over Egypt not just ASU.. As a matter of fact there's nothing called "Ain Shams University group"..

    Finally, thanks for the links you listed..

  2. thanks for correction