19 January 2016

The true reason behind group policy client error & a better way to fix it !!

When you try to login into Windows 10 from a non admin account you may receive an error as following:
Group Policy Client Service failed the sign-in
this happens when you try to logon using a non admin account in addition to some applications or drivers that were installed with admin privileges before. these applications doesn't support to work in non-elevated environment. the most widely used solution is mentioned there https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2976660 which requires from you to directly edit your windows registry. a better way which makes you not to rush into editing your registry is to know which applications you've installed with admin privileges that cause this issue. then you have to ask yourself "does this application really require admin privileges?" . the most application category that causes this issue to so many people is third party web browsers. you will also find out that your issue is most probably caused by Google Chrome web browser which doesn't require administrative privileges to get installed. so all you just need is to uninstall google chrome then reinstall it & when you get prompted to administrative privileges, just click on cancel. google chrome will continue to install with non admin mode. this is also better for the security of your windows 10 machine. so if what causes this error to you is a web browser you don't have to give it a permission with admin. however, you may need what Microsoft published if it is a driver.


  1. Thank you so much for this valuable top!

  2. Thanks. There were a number of other posts that had workarounds, but I think that you found the true root cause. Your advice fixed my problem!

  3. Awesome, thanks! Everything was correct in the registry, clean booted, still had the problem. Saw your info, uninstalled Chrome, reinstalled w/o admin, and no more problem. Thanks!

  4. that is very helpful thank you

  5. Thank you, I think that you are right. When I have mentioned problem, I was not able to open Chrome, but Mozilla and Edge worked normally.
    Thank you very much for your valuable post.