12 January 2009

Convert .FLV to .AVI using VirtualDub



You may find a clip on the internet you like so you download it. Then you get surprised because the file you download is in .FLV format and it doesn’t work in windows media player. Or you may don’t like the idea to download and install another software program just to play that clip. So you google “.FLV to .WMA” in order to find the software program you need but the result aren’t good enough as they contain many fake websites and you may end blowing your OS.

Anyway, all you need is a cool free open source software program like VirtualDub. It has many features:

  • Portable need no installation process.
  • Ease of use.
  • Not only free of charge but also open source under GNU license.

Now how to convert the .flv to .wmv??!!

After you download VirtualDub and Xvid codec (from here) unzip the file then go to Virtualdub\VirtualDub -1.8.6 directory. Open VirtualDub.exe then click on File --> open video file… to select the file. Click on video --> Compression. Select XviD MPEG-4 Codec then click on Configure. Choose Advanced Sample @ L5 for Profile @ Level. Choose Single Pass for Encoding type. Click on Target quantizer. Type 500 for Target bitrate in (kbps). Click ok twice. Click on File -->Save as AVI…. Now you got your .avi file which can be played using windows media player.

If you need to know more about it and how you can use it, the official website is here. conatct me: brave_xman --[[{(AT)}]]--  hotmail .

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