17 February 2010

كيفية التسجيل ‏(حاسب أخيل)‏

تابعونا هناك في حاسب أخيل

كيفية التسجيل ‏(حاسب أخيل)‏

7 February 2010

Love Mode in windows 7

A Windows 7 hack published at Cnet showing how to create a folder to manage all Windows 7 settings as an alternative to control panel in Windows. this is how you can enable it. create a new folder and rename it to

LoveMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} or


6 February 2010

Cafu game engine turned into dual license

Cafu is another game engine that’s switched to GPL and it’s becoming open source.

Nokia Developer Days in Egypt

I’d like to share Nokia event in Cairo for developers. the event is going to be on March at City Stars Hotel. they will discuss more information about OVI technology and how to distribute your applications through it for your customers. this event is targeted to Middle east market. http://mktools.forum.nokia.com/invitation/devdayscairo