24 October 2009

What's new with the Windows 7

How to manage your desktop with Windows 7 go to: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/explore/new-desktop.aspx

How to change your Windows 7 style: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/explore/personalize-pc.aspx

Working with Windows 7 taskbar: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/explore/new-with-windows7.aspx

21 October 2009

Microsoft Security Essentials 'beats paid-for AV products'

Microsoft Security Essential is a freeware security solution that's better than many other paid solutions.

Microsoft Security Essentials 'beats paid-for AV products' | Latest technology and web news | Web User

9 October 2009

Introducing windows libraries

the following link is about a video on how to manage your windows files and folders using windows libraries on windows 7.

Windows Libraries

IT Pro at Home: Tips and Tricks

3 October 2009

Live Mesh

Live mesh is an online service from Microsoft to synchronize your files online on the cloud. The service allows 5GB to be uploaded online for free. No registration needed, it can be accessed by your live account (your email e.g. someone@hotmail.com or someone@live.com). You can use it as an online backup service and can access your files from anywhere on the planet if you have internet connection. It supports multiple devices including your cell phone. You can also share you files and photo with your friends. For more information go to:Live Mesh Beta